[aprssig] Dying Nuvi-350

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 18 21:52:12 EST 2011

My Nuvi-350 now rarely even gets a fix in the 30 minutes to work.  I do not think it is the antenna beacuse when it finally gets a fix, the signals are good.

The key here is the battery appears to be dead?  It runs 100% on car power, and so I was surprised when I took it out of the car and it dies instantly.  Maybe the internal lithimu is not charged at all when on external power, considering the GPS is always on when it is on external power and so it never went into charge mode?

ANyway, without an internal battery maybe that is why it always starts with the date of March 2007.

I dont see any obvious battery compartment, nor obvious way to open the GPS to repalce an internal battery?

Anyone been though this?

Bob, Wb4APR

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