[aprssig] APRS on Bernuda and Atlantic

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Sun Dec 18 13:27:12 EST 2011

Thanks Frank.

I would be prepared to write a special version of APRS Messenger for 
this to digipeat 1200 bd packets to APRS over GMSK-250 so that ISS or 
balloon packets could be relayed back over HF to the APRS-IS from a 
remote location without internet access.

If I write this version it would not be available for general release as 
no one would like to see all the 144.390 or 144.800 MHz traffic from a 
busy site filling the HF channel. We already have a digipeater in France 
that does that on 300 bd AX.25!


Chris, G4HYG (author of APRS Messenger)

> The HF part would be better with the narrow APRS Messenger Modes PSK or
> Just need more people trying out the APRS Messenger HF Modes.
> There are lots of Europeans using it.
> APRS Messenger is the greatest thing for HF APRS since sliced bread.
> Just thinking out loud.
> N3FLR - Frank

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