[aprssig] Coast-to-Coast Balloon Flight

Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 17:06:12 EST 2011

Hi Bob
The tracker was a bigredbee high power 2M unit, I used one on a balloon
flight and it's now in my car as G6UIM-9

Launch announcements here

Most of the technical chat happened on the GPSL yahoo group

you don't need to be running APRSIS32 but it makes using ANSRVR easier, if
you are interested in Balloons I suggest joining the BALLOON group on ANSRVR
that will give you automatic notification of Balloon launches the callsign
and the location of the launch, and also notify you of Balloon burst.
If you track a balloon using APRSIS32 you will also get the option of
displaying the Balloon communication range circle, so you can see if you are
in range.

I have suggested that the tracker software is modified to switch frequency
and path based on longitude.
144.390MHz in the states, 145.825MHz path ARISS over ocean, and then
144.800MHz over Europe
If lucky you then stand a chance of getting a report via ISS or PCSAT whilst
out of range of land based stations.

And APRSIS32 also includes the ability to track satellites

Steve Daniels

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This transcontinential and trans-Atlantic Balloon mission was fantastic!

But in reviewing all the hundreds of emails and minute-by-minute tracking
excitement, I just went back to read about the balloon itself, and can find

The original post referred to the California Near SpaCe Project as being the


But in reviewing all the emails, I can find no other reference to WHO
launched it and what it is.

Further, going to that site has NO NEWS about this mission, other than a
link to APRS.FI which we are all using to track it.

So what gives?  Are there no pictures of the launch, or who owns it?  Or did
I just miss the memo...


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