[aprssig] Intro & A Couple Quick Questions.....

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Here is a better page with the symbol charts.




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For those who don't know me, my name is Pat & my call is KB0OXD

Recently I downloaded the latest version of APRSDroid & got a passkey
to use the app & get on the network (I've got a TNC & can get a cheap
dual band job rather easily to get on via RF but my lone & BIGGEST
challenge now is getting the GPS RXer).  Now that I've fiddled around
with it, I've got a couple of n00bie questions.....

First, I'm what would be best (If not most honestly) described as a
HandiHam (In fact, I've participated in many of their nets on
EchoLink) & use a mobility scooter to get around the neighborhood as
well as (With the assistance of public transportation) around town.
But I don't wanna be seen going around on the network with a phone

As such, I thought of the universally recognized (At least here in the
States anyway) wheelchair logo would be more accurate (Even though I'm
on 3G via APRSDroid) & more hams would be more apt to leave messages
knowing they were talking to a REAL Ham instead of a bootlegger (If
you know what I mean :) )

So my question is what command would I enter in the APRS Symbol field
box on APRSDroid to generate a wheelchair logo icon instead of (If not
ALONG WITH) the phone icon?  In fact, a list of them (Or a website
with such a list) would be more helpful

Second.....I'm also using my phone to stream my live cam via the
UStream app.  Now intially when I loaded APRSDroid & hit the BACK
button, it would minimize itself to the taskbar (Like EchoLink does)
so that it runs in the background while I run either UStream or some
other app in the foreground.

But lately, APRSDroid doesn't seem to be doing this.  Instead when I
hit the BACK button, it appears to be CLOSED (As in I don't see it in
the taskbar NOR in the list of running apps in NOTIFICATIONS).  It
also seems to pick up right where it left off display-wise from the
last time it was in the foreground.  NO re-logging back in.  NO having
to re-enter my callsign, passkey & other info.  Really strange.  Makes
me wonder if my APRS packets are REALLY going out to the network or if
I'm even being seen on the network

I was out running errands earlier today.  Was ANYONE out there able to track me?

Please forgive me for the n00bie questions as I'm sure they've been
asked by others before but I'd really like an answer to the first
question while the second has me bamboozled

BTW for those who need this info., my phone is a Kyocera Sanyo Zio
with Android 2.21 (Came with the phone, NO firmware or hardware
updates or modifications)

Help is appreciated.....

Many thanks in advance :)

Cheers & 73 :)

Pat Cook, KB0OXD
Denver, CO
KB0OXD Cybershack - http://www.wix.com/kb0oxd/kb0oxd/
KB0OXD Cybershack Soap Box - http://kb0oxd.blogspot.com/
APRS TRACKER ( NEW !!! ) - http://aprs.fi/KB0OXD (Usually on as
KB0OXD-5 Via APRSDroid)

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