[aprssig] New Version of Tickets CAD Available - with Internet as Option

Arnie Shore shoreas at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 01:16:04 EDT 2010

Folks, a number of you had expressed interest in our free open-source CAD
package in the past, but with some reservation based on its (then) required
use of Internet services.

That was then; this is now.

Its available as file patch_08_30.zip, downloaded from SourceForge at

Features include the following:

1. A major addition: An internet option has been added, selected via a new
setting: 'internet'. Possible values are 1, 2, 3, these representing
respectively yes, no, and maybe. While the others are self-explanatory, in
the 'maybe' setting we test Internet connectivity dynamically at each page
load, and operate accordingly WRT maps usage.

Note that in addition to maps not being presented, services such as
geo-coding, driving directions, and White Pages look-up that require
Internet services are not supported.

In the case of no connectivity, new incidents may be written, but sans
geo-coding. When connectivity is restored these location are identified by a
red question icon located at your map's default center; geo-location can
then be made via the edit process.

2. We've added the capability for each site to apply its own terminology and
language to many menu items, button captions and field names. See the
'Captions' link on the Config page, which takes you to the selection and
edit page. (The replacement text is identical to the base text initially.)
We've included a Restore option for your convenience in testing. (This
capability is only partially implemented so far; let us know of any

We're especially interested in hearing from any of you who've implemented
non-English values.

3. Unit lists now highlight the dispatch status (D R O, etc.) of committed
units, as well as the count for units on multiple runs. We've also added the
ability for each site to apply its own terminology for the noted dispatch
status display values. (See setting 'disp stat' for this.)

4. We've added a 'unit' login capability oriented to use in mobile terminals
or smart phones. Button sizes and font are oriented to use with touch-screen
devices. Other user types also have access to this new 'mobile' module, via
a new top-frame button.

In creating a user of type 'unit', a dropdown list of existing units is
presented, one of which must be selected in order to be associated with this

In the case of multiple current calls, these are shown in the new page for
possible selection. A unit user's identification is presented on the top
frame's navigation buttons.

At login-time, the 'unit' user will be taken to the new 'mobile' module,
which provides buttons for setting dispatch and unit status. Capabilities
inappropriate to this unit's operation are restricted.

5. Reverse geo-coding - i.e., click a map point to locate nearby addresses
where feasible - has been cleaned up to place available information into the
page form for facilities and fixed-position response units.

6. The 'quick' mode of operation has been improved by bypassing some
previously required clicks.

7. The logout button has been relocated for improved visibility.

8. In order to better accommodate a wide variety of screen widths and map
sizes, we've revised the important routes/dispatch module to provide for
dragging the group of buttons to any convenient screen position. These
buttons hold position during page scrolling.

9. We've added a setting value which will allow a site to implement its
policy re whether an operator/dispatcher is allowed to revise incident
details. See setting 'Oper can edit'.

Bug cleanup of course; like LOTS of that.

Those of you who've participated in the pre-release testing will see
significant new features and corrections in this version. Installation
strongly recommended.

Re installing this version: This download differs in an important respect
from its predecessors in that the file may be used to upgrade an existing
Tickets CAD install in the usual manner, simply by unzipping into yr tickets
root, honoring the subdirectory structure.

However, if you unzip this same file into a new directory root, then you'll
be invited to run the install script, with information about the database
required for form fill-in. (In this case, you'll alsoneed the sound files
directory, available at SourceForge.)

We've had a load of good new ideas contributed to date. Those that arrived
after our internal freeze date have gone onto our to-do list, so look for
them in subsequent releases.

Come back,

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