[aprssig] OLD KPC-3's version 5 etc..

Mike Edwards medwardsz28 at cfl.rr.com
Tue Oct 26 18:44:33 EDT 2010

Everything you said sounds right, Bob.  Going back to your original 
question, which I believe was about Callsign Substitution, I don't believe 
the KPC v5 (or V6) supports that. You could, as you said, set MYALIAS to 
WIDE1-1 or WIDE2-1 and they would digipeat packets with those in the path 
adding just a * by the name that they were aliased to.  Also note that they 
would not respond to WIDEn-2 because they are simply looking for a match to 
the string and not following the "n-N paradigm".

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> 1) From ancient times, all TNC's had a MYCALL and an ALIAS.
> That's when we started APRS with RELAY and WIDE for digipeating.
> Everyone's TNC was set to the ALIAS of RELAY.  And their own
> At the digipeters, The MYCALL was the DIGI call, and the ALIAS
> was made to be WIDE.

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