[aprssig] Info about Kantronics KPC-3+

KA7O ka7o at ka7o.net
Fri Oct 22 20:52:04 EDT 2010

On 10/22/2010 02:27 AM, Guido Tedeschi wrote:
> ...
> Is it possible, with KPC-3+, to have the TNC working, at the same
> time, as Widen-N digi and as Kiss TNC?

Once in KISS mode, all other on board programming is disabled. The idea 
of KISS is to allow your external device full control over packets. 
Basically makes your expensive TNC into a basic modem.

> Any comment about using the KPC-3+ as stand-alone digi?
> Is it rugged enough?
Yes - it also allows for remote management/config via the rtext setup.

For the MOST robust I've seen, run UIDIGI on a TNC2 clone (such as 
MFJ-1270B). But they do use a tad more power.

Plus, if you put a wee bit of effort into it, it'll do the voltage, 
temperature and other analog/digital inputs to APRS. There used to be a 
solar powered digi in WY, those guys used those inputs to monitor the 
panels, batteries and weather conditions at the site.


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