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In my haste to release version 2 of APRS-Go desktop I released it with a bug that prevented transmission.  This has been fixed (I think) and a new installation file has been uploaded to my website.  I hope this hasn't caused too much inconvenience to anyone who tried to use it.   Robin, AA3NJ

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Version 2 of APRS-Go for Windows desktop has been released.  This version adds bing(tm) query capability to APRS-Go.  I believe bing query is a first for APRS, and perhaps for packet radio.  A properly formatted APRS message sent to an APRS-Go station, from any other APRS station, will cause APRS-Go to perform an internet search and return information back to messaging station.  More specifically, the message sent to APRS-Go is a request for phone numbers, locations and names of anything listed in  the Yellow Pages and White Pages - restaurants, police, hospitals, automobile repair shops - anything.  The Microsoft bing(tm)  phone book database contains the latitude and longitude of each of these entities, and APRS-Go will return these as object packets when requested.  I invite you to try this new version.  To use it, you must have a non-dial-up internet connection on your PC.  Once APRS-Go is installed on your PC, any APRS station that sees you can send your station a "bing query" in an APRS message.  The software and instructions are available for free at www.aprsgo.com.  Don't use your smart phone.  Use smart APRS!

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