[aprssig] New APRS Rocket Antenna concept needed

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 30 19:04:23 EDT 2010

I need someone interested in adding quadrature 2 meter antennas
to the outside of a 10" diameter sounding rocket by middle

This launch is going to space (100 miles up) from White Sands on
a sounding rocket to then come back down by parachute.  Antennas
cannot stick out far (maybe an inch?) but can be bent back along
the surface.  Temperatures will approach 800F during the 10
minute flight.  G' forces will be huge.

The payload will be (what else) an APRS trackign system and
2-way APRS communications transponder. 

So, if anyone wants to take on this antenna, lemme know.
All I need is the detail design and analysis.  The machining is
paid-for.  Oh, it also needs quadrature GPS antennas, but that
can just be a pair of 1.5" monopoles...


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