[aprssig] APRN status?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Mar 26 19:33:20 EDT 2010

Is there any standard frequency for APRN?  What would be a good one for 
a balloon?

If there's nothing else going on there, I'd be inclined to use 144.99 
since that's what my alternate APRS IGate receiver will be listening to 
anyway.  I suspect there might be more activity down in the LA area, though.


kb2scs at optonline.net wrote:
> Hi Bob
>            Many years ago when you first came out with the APRN idea 
> I made the software. 
> You can down load the APRN software from
> http://www.qsl.net/kb2scs
> The software is old. It could use some updating.
> Maybe if I find there is interest in it I will update it to make it 
> more up to date.
> This is the software that Stephen wa8lmf uses. 
> On 26 Mar 2010 at 15:52, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> APRN?
>> I don't know if  anyone ever built and shared an APRN site.  I
>> still think the concept is dynomyte.  http://aprs.org/aprn.html
>> Idea was to TAG  SSTV images (could be JPEG or anything that can
>> be easily transmitted over ham radio to an APRN web site).  The
>> whole idea is to have an RF and electronic means to TAG where
>> the photo was tken, by whom, and some text.  A perfect packet
>> application.
>> Then anyone anywhere at any time could go to the APRN web page
>> and see the picture within seconds of it having been taken.
>> The original concept was for the Kenwood handheld SSTV camera
>> that could transmit images over ANY FM radio to the APRN site.
>> Again, don't think anyone did it. (We did it manually during
>> football runs, but after a few years it was a lot of work)...
>> Bob, WB4APR
> Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
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