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I know nothing about the subject and would appreciate some "link direction" help.    A week ago I was in a National Weather Service office and I asked them if any of the supporting hams (I know that they do help out during Weather Spotting Need" has mentioned SSTV in addition to the small amount of APRS and auto WX reporting that I know is done.   They told me that SSTV had never been brought up and they knew nothing about it.   From some past years experience I know that the word descriptions given by Spotters can be confusing and I would like to know if we can send images in addition to the verbal reports in times of confusion.


Lee   K9WRU
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  Why SSTV? Why not just a 500mW- 910Mhz TXR and a $17 board camera from Hong Kong?

  I use the 200mW and 500mW version in my RC aircraft:


   The cameras are from here:


  They carry 420, 480, 520 line board cameras, and all operate off of 12v.

  Just would need high gain antennas w/az&el to track it. But you already have the Lat/Lon/alt so shouldn't be too hard?

  Kriss KA1GJU-6


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