[aprssig] aprssig Digest, Vol 69, Issue 15

Doug Ferrell kd4moj at kd4moj.org
Tue Mar 16 17:25:53 EDT 2010

On Tue, 16 Mar 2010, [UTF-8] Rodgé JONES wrote:

> Advice please; may i pose the question as to how/why DSTAR appears on
> APRS maps? I am curious because i cannot access a nearby repeater
> since a -C appeared by the callsign.

Rod there is a program (dstarmon) on the D-Star gateways that transfers
the GPS info from the D-Star radio. Not all gateways run it though... but
most do. the -c means it's probably a 2 meter d-star repeater.

Tallahassee, FL

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