[aprssig] delayed packets

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Wed Mar 10 09:52:43 EST 2010

It has happened with other applications, it is just  that Ui-View is 
the most prevalent application being used.

What TNC's are in use?

I have seen this MANY times with KPC-3's. I have NEVER seen it with a 
It has also been seen in many locations with KPC-3's when operated in 
standalone DIGI modes.

Mark Cheavens

At 08:41 AM 3/10/2010, you wrote:
>Well, to bring up an old sore subject again.  I looked at my track 
>this morning on the way to work, and noticed 2 huck-a-bucks in my 
>trip.  Two delayed packets delivered to aprs IS out of 
>sequence.  Each of them hit different digipeaters but ended up 
>entering aprs IS at the same point n2zz-5 in Aiken.  They are 
>running UIView over there.  Here is (what seems to be ) another case 
>of ui-view delaying packets.  And yes, I know everyone will rush in 
>offering alternatives like the DSL modem might have issues or a 
>digipeater could have delayed the packets due to a stuck squelch etc 
>etc.... but in the end, in each case I've seen delayed packets it 
>has always involved UI-View.
>What is so egregious about this is that I'm using a 2 minute beacon 
>rate and the packets are arriving 2minutes and 30 seconds late.  I 
>wonder if this is a memory leak / windows issue where UIview runs 
>slower and slower the longer it runs?  We never seem to get to the 
>bottom of this one though.
>I researched this a few years ago with WW6JC in Columbia SC and 
>found that it was also UIview.  Now to be clear, I'm not picking on 
>anyone, I'm aggrivated about a program that so many people use that 
>has a bug and won't /can't be fixed.
>The tracker in question is ai4px-9 tracked from 11:20UTC until 11:56UTC.
>God help those who do not help themselves.
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