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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Mar 5 14:51:31 EST 2010

On 3/5/2010 6:11 AM, John McHugh wrote:
> I was just looking at this program. It looks great and is a good idea 
> to allow existing TNCs to be used for regular APRS functions.
> My setup is a FT-840 into a KAM and using UI-View for APRS.
> The audio from the 840 comes from the backpanel into the KAM and tx 
> audio and PTT from the KAM goes into the mike connector on the front.
> Now to use APRS Messenger it looks like I need rx audio into my sound 
> card (I guess a Y connector) but how do I get tx audio and ptt back to 
> the 840?
> The way I see it APRS Messenger and the KAM-UIview are not related 
> except that you use 2100Hz as the PSK tone
> Is it possible to run APRS and Messenger at the same time? What am I 
> missing?

YES!      At least you can receive on both at the same time.    At RF, 
the PSK63 carrier is 300 Hz higher than the higher of the two FSK tones 
used by "classic" FSK AX25.   (The actual RF freqs for the classic FSK 
are  10.149.200 and 10.149.400 while the PSK63 frequency is 
10.149.700.)  Thus the receiver can be tuned so that all the tones are 
in the passband, and audible at the same time, in a manner similar to 
receiving multiple stations simultaneously within the receiver passband 
on PSK31.

Assumng operation alongside  standard 1600/1800 Hz "KAM tones" for AX25 

      Use the 2100 Hz version of APRS Messenger
      and set radio to      10.147.600 MHz   USB.


      Use the 1300 Hz version of APRS Messenger
      and set radio to      10.151.000   LSB

On transmit, "Y" the audio outputs of the sound card and TNC together 
with a pair of resistors.   Diode "OR" the PTT lines of the sound card 
and TNC together so that either device can key the transmitter.  If you 
really want to get fancy, take the PTT from the sound card, invert it 
and feed it into the external carrier detect of the KAM so that PTT on 
the sound card will prevent the KAM from trying to transmit.

APRS Messenger can pass received posits to UIview for display along side 
the ones from the KAM.

1)     Seach for [SERVER] in UIview32.ini .     Change the line just 
below to read "  PORT=14580 "   This sets UIview's "Local Server" to 
port 14580.

2)     In UIview's "Setup, APRS Server Setup", check the box "Enable 
Local Server".   Exit UIview and restart the program.

3)     In APRS Messenger, replace "rotate.aprs2.net" with "localhost" in 
the "APRS-IS Server" box.  Click "Connect to APRS Server".

APRS Messenger is hard wired to use port 14580 for IP connections.  
These changes cause APRS Messenger to connect to the local port 14580 in 
UIview, rather than port 14580 of a "real" server out on the Internet.

o    Any posits received on PSK63 will appear on your UIview map.

o    PKS63 stations will show in UIview's "Stations Heard" list.

o    PSK63 posits will be passed to the Internet by UIview, just like 
the ones from the KAM,  if UIview is operating as an igate logged into a 
"real" APRS server..



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