[aprssig] Mobile Success With APRS Messenger PSK-63 on 30 Meters

Chris Moulding chrism at crosscountrywireless.net
Fri Mar 5 08:03:52 EST 2010

I'm working on the GPS mobile tracker version of APRS Messenger over the 
weekend. All being well it should be ready for your trip.

Tx PTT will be on the existing com port and the GPS input will be any 
other serial or USB port. GPS input will be 4800 bd NMEA looking for the 
$GPRMC string.

I'll post information on APRSSIG when it's ready.


Chris, G4HYG

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Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Thursday Feb 4th about 5:30 PM Pacific time (i.e. just before sunset 
> local time) I successfully exchanged two APRS messages with  WB8SKP-2 
> in Kentucky from my mobile in Los Angeles, over a path of about 1700 
> miles (2700 KM).
> I was running about 50 watts peak output from my FT-857 into a Yaesu 
> ATAS-100 mini-screwdriver ant mounted on the trunk lid of my Jetta 
> TDI, on 30 meters 10.149.700 Mhz.     The narrowband PSK mode is 
> incredibly more effective than conventional AX25 FSK from a weak 
> mobile!     One message acked after only one transmission. the other 
> took three tries.
> Next week on my trip to Las Vegas for the Wireless Communications 
> Expo, I will using my big high-efficiency W6HIQ "Hi-Q" screwdriver 
> instead.  Hopefully more contacts if HF propagation cooperates!
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