[aprssig] Using SSID's outside 0 to 15

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Mar 4 01:30:33 EST 2010

>I understand that there is an AX.25 limitation that restricts 
>conventional APRS using 1200 bd AX.25 to SSID's of 0 to 15.

>If SSID'd outside the 0 - 16 range were to be used regularly would this 
>cause a problem? I know D-Star uses some alphanumeric SSID's over the 
>APRS-IS so am I right in thinking probably not?

>Chris, G4HYG

You can use whatever but they are not going to be seen on the RF network unless they are been igated as a "thirdparty" packet.
But why do you need to use letters/numbers higher than this?

Kai Gunter

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