[aprssig] APRS 9600 Baud Meteor Scatter test!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 1 16:49:58 EST 2010

>> Any complaints... using the internal TS-2000 TNC?
>> Can the TNC be used on the 6m side of the rig?

>  It should work fine for 9k6 APRS.  No dedicated 
> "APRS" activity, but the national APRS is 50.62 MHz..

Yes the DC/Baltimore area has THREE 6 meter digis on that freq..

DO BETTER WITH MS...  And 9600 baud is OPTIMUM...

I never thought of the 9600 baud TNC in the TS-2000 for 6
meters!  That is 6 meter Meteor Scatter READY-TO-GO!!!!   Wow,
This works!

Back in the mid 1990's we did a meteor shower test on 6m and 2m
using APRS (the original had a meteor-scatter mode built in)
And everyone that tuned in, also saw packets from others over
600 to 1000 miles away.

With the TS-2000, ANYONE can do this!!!

Here is what I would do:
1) EVERYONE set their TNC to 9600 baud, tune to 50.62 MHz
2) Set their beacon to their position.
3) Set their UNPROTO to APRSMS (no via)
4) Set their beacon rate to every 10 seconds
5) Set TX power to MAX
6) Sit back and watch what you get...

If you have a 6m beam, point it to a major metro area 600 to
1000 miles away where there is another APRS person doing it.
You should be able to get multiple packets through on average
over every hour all day and night long.

Maybe we should schedule a test so that everyone is on the air
at once.  That will make it a lot more fun.  Someone want to
look up the next meteor shower?


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