[aprssig] Clarification on Wide 1 digi characteristic please

Michael Singewald msingewald at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:05:12 EST 2010

My APRS call is N1PLH-7 and I am in the zipcode of 06855.  I believe that I
may be able to receive a Wide 2 digi if I were using a mobile or base,
however, I am only using a portable VX-8DR at the moment and I hear the
local Wide 1 digi (WX1CT) just fine.

I am still just learning how to interpret paths as shown on APRS.fi and on
my radio.  I am not even sure how determine which digis are Wide 1 or 2.  I
can check for paths that they might be included in and see if there call is
in the first or second slot, but is that the best way?

So, I need to know how I can tell which type of digi is which (Wide 1 or 2),
and then how I can see if I can hear that particular station directly.  Or,
am I going about this all wrong to try and understand the network in my

Another thing, I Gates are nice, but I am a bit of an RF snob and it is too
bad a couple of the local stations are only I Gates that receive.  As I
drive through these areas, my radio hears nothing, but my packets are making
it to the internet only.

Thanks again.

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 20:13:11 -0500

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>        please
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> Actually, I believe you did figure it out.  Everything you stated is
> correct, even to the point of the WIDE1*,WIDE2* even though most of the
> time you'll never actually see a packet presented that way.  Only the
> right-most * (means used) matters.  Digis will only look beyond the last
> used hop when making decisions.  The WIDE1,WIDE2* packet has been
> completely used up and will not be digi'd any more.  In point of fact,
> you really don't want it to be digi'd any more because that would
> unnecessarily fill the channel without much gain.
> May I ask why you can't hear the WIDE2?  What's your callsign so we can
> eyeball the area we're talking about.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ
> Michael Singewald wrote:
> > I am in an area that cannot receive a Wide 2 digi, however, a Wide 1
> > digi is.  My question is, if a user's packet is picked up by only
> > another Wide 1 digi, then repeated by a Wide 2 digi that my local Wide
> > 1 digi hears, will my local Wide 1 digi repeat that packet?
> >
> > The original packet would be sent via Wide 1-1, Wide 2-1, so the first
> > Wide 1 digi would send the packet as Wide 1*, Wide 2-1, right?
> >
> > If so, does that mean that the Wide 2 digi would send it as Wide 1*,
> > Wide 2* and therefore that packet would not get repeated by and other
> > Wide 1 digi's?
> >
> > I have read a bit at the aprs.org <http://aprs.org> site, but I
> > couldn't figure this one out.  Thanks for any help.
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