[aprssig] Program bloat

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 29 13:19:52 EDT 2010

> here's an easy way to run xastir in windows....
> ... download the approximately 200meg file.
> xastir will require about 10.5megs of files...

I still carry a copy of APRSdos and local maps on a 1.4M floppy
in the glove box for quick installs on old PC's if needed in a
pinch.  Only thing it doesn't do is the internet...  Im not
recommending it, just showing how times change, memory grows,
bloat explodes, but all the original functionality was in there.

I still remember the 64 BYTE program that decodes and displays
variable speed CW on a microprocessor, though it did take
another 48 bytes or so for the table of characters.  About 100
bytes total.

I have a colleague who wouldn't think twice about spending an
hour renting a nail gun, a compressor, rigging extension cords,
and air hoses, finding a box of expensive nail-gun nail clips...
All for a 1 hour job of assembling a dog house.

A hammer and box of nails and the job is done while he is still
getting his resources together... And plugged in..

No point really...


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