[aprssig] Ntrak

Dave Haynes dave at ep90.com
Wed Apr 14 06:29:59 EDT 2010

Not wanting to hijack the thread, but if there are any Nokia N900 users 
out there, I've hacked up a Python script to upload GPS/cellular 
location to APRS-IS. Nothing clever, just spliced together bits from a 
few scripts found on the web, but it's a start.

N900 is linux based Maemo OS, so this won't work on any other Nokia 
phones, before you ask!

(My N900 is showing as G1TVL-8)

Dave G1TVL

ab9fx at aprs.pl wrote:
> Hi,
> APRS application called Ntrak written by Milosz SQ6NTI, and Przemek 
> SQ6ODL works with most cellular phones Java enabled. Ntrak can send and 

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