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Hi,APRS application called Ntrak written by Milosz SQ6NTI, and Przemek 
SQ6ODL works with most cellular phones Java enabled. Ntrak can send and 
receive positions, as well as messages to APRS server. It works even 
without GPS, taking location data from cellular base stations. Then, 
position is not as precise as then when GPS is used by Ntrak. Optional GPS 
module built-in or can communicate via Bluetooth.Application is free 
http://sq6nti.one.pl/Ntrak/0.1h/Manual http://sq6nti.one.pl/Ntrak/Ntrak.pdf 
so far only in Polish. If there is any need of English version, I think it 
can be easily done.73Andrzej SP3LYR, AB9FX
PSMilosz and Przemek will be present on our annual meeting TAMA APRS 
http://www.aprs.pl/tama10.htm June 12, 2010

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Anybody familiar with Ntrak?  Having a slight "opportunity to excel".


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