[aprssig] APRS software capability ideas. . .

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Tue Apr 13 17:39:09 EDT 2010

I think that would be a pretty could choice of something to try out.  They do 
have serial ports on the mother boards for some versions of the hardware right?

Gregg Wondely

Gregory A. Carter wrote:
> I wonder if a hacked up Linksys WRT54G running a modified linux kernel 
> would be useful in this type of application.  I image you could code a 
> simple telnet server to receive data/transmit data to the iphone.  I've 
> also seen articles on adding a serial port to these goodies.
> Greg
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> On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Wes Johnston, AI4PX <wes at ai4px.com 
> <mailto:wes at ai4px.com>> wrote:
>     One of my (growing list of) gripes about the iphone is that it's
>     weak in bluetooth dept.  I just thought this morning about using
>     bluetooth SPP but iphone doesn't support it.  Looks like android
>     doesn't either, although they both seem to support the underlying
>     RFCOMM protocol.
>     Don't get me wrong, I do _like_ my iphone, but I find myself wanting
>     just one more thing... like avrcp over bluetooth, or to send SMS
>     messages w/o interrupting pandora. Or  to run IBCNU (aprs app) at
>     the same time as pandora.
>     The only other way I can think of to get serial data in/out of these
>     devices is a wifi telnet server.  I have two ethernet servers at
>     home but they are certainly not suitable for automotive use and
>     would require a wifi access point in addition.  bummer.
>     Wes
>     On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 10:53, Jacob Tennant <k8jwt at comcast.net
>     <mailto:k8jwt at comcast.net>> wrote:
>         OK all of you hotshot programmers I have a idea for you,
>         I have already started playing around with this idea and think
>         it might really be the way to go in the future of APRS for
>         mobile/portable.
>         BLUETOOTH
>         I have already tested out this idea as I found a Bluetooth GPS
>         for $25.00 at GPSnow.com and after adding a bluetooth adapter to
>         my ACER netbook it works great for the various APRS programs
>         providing GPS data just as good as the wired GPS's I have used.
>         My next thought or area of experimentation is:
>         1. Using a bluetooth to serial adapter ,available from I/O Gear
>         thru wallmart.com <http://wallmart.com/> for $60.00+/-, so as to
>         make the in-car setup as easy as after initial setup just get in
>         the car, turn on the laptop, let the bluetooth find the TNC and
>         GPS and away you go without having to hookup any cables.
>         2. Adding a bluetooth module internally to a current TNC so as
>         to skip the external adapter mentioned above.
>         Just some thoughts as I like what I am seeing with the various
>         hand held devices versions of APRS be it iPhone/iPod, Windows
>         Mobile, or Android but we need to maintain the ability to
>         connect a TNC and GPS if not already in the handheld device for
>         mobile operations outside of the normal internet connectivity/
>         caellular data coverage areas.
>         In my own opinion this would be the worse thing we could do to
>         APRS is make it a internet application with a little ham radio
>         mixed in, and I say this even as a operator of a Igate station
>         as my plans for the igate is so as to pass messages over greater
>         distances than the radio coverage permits for ARES & Public
>         Service operations.
>         Let the flames begin. . .
>         Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
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