[aprssig] Password changed in WinAPRS & MacAPRS

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Fri Apr 9 00:27:34 EDT 2010

Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Background:  I consider being able to operate without an Internet 
> connection critical, since I run a mobile APRS installation with a 
> laptop display, and want to be free to travel cross-country with a 
> fully-scrollable zoomable real-time mapping display.    It is very 
> frustrating that NO   APRS app can do this other than UIview and 
> APRSpoint.
> [While APRSpoint is more-or-less currently supported (though there are 
> intervals of 9 months or more between updates) and supports 
> high-quality vector maps from MapPoint,  it is so lacking in features 
> (no digipeater functions, no KISS support, no igate capability, no 
> proper overlay support), that it is really no competition to the 
> "dead" UIview.]    
>> I feel I need to keep up to date running most of the versions used in 
>> my area so as to be able to help others trying to get started on APRS 
>> as well as doing demo's for clubs that want one.
> One shouldn't be helping newbies to adopt a completely dead, 
> non-updateable app that can't even display current symbols.    [I am 
> giving an APRS presentation next week to a radio club on the high 
> desert north of L.A. (Victorville) and will be live-demonstrating 
> basic trackers, full two-way messaging mobile setups and complete home 
> station setups.  I will be advocating UIview, APRSpoint and Internet 
> displays for these systems.] 


I know you've been in these mailing lists enough to have noticed a 
mention of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32, but let me 
specifically address your points.

Maps w/o Internet connection:   APRSISCE uses OpenStreetMap.org maps and 
supports map pre-fetch for completely untethered operation.  They are 
scrollable, zoomable, and real-time if you have planned ahead enough to 
have preloaded the maps.  Granted, there's no simple CD/DVD to carry 
them all with you, but it IS possible.

No digi, KISS, IGate:  APRSISCE has KISS support with bi-direction 
IGating.  Digi support is coming in the next release.

Overlays: If you mean symbol overlays, APRSISCE does that too.

I find your quote about helping newbies...dead, no-updateable app... 
followed immediately by ...advocateing UIview to be an interesting 

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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