[aprssig] Reminder for US members: Reset the time in your radios

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Sat Oct 31 14:31:50 EDT 2009

Randy Allen wrote:
> Thanks
> I was led to believe by a D710 owner last spring it was more 
> complicated, but it may have just been level of a familiarity with the 
> radio.
> "Using a GPS you can press POS and select "symbol of a clock"SET"
> Does that set the hours as well?  On the D700 it only synchs minutes and 
> seconds with the GPS.
> 73
> Randy

I have not tested the sync from a GPS. If any on this list can verify it 
would be great. If not i can test this and post the result tomorrow.

Regarding the TM-D700 vs TM-D710 using menus the 710 is great and i have 
to "think" every time i'm using the menus on the 700.
It's more or less in the same spot but the logic of selecting and 
entering changes is more smooth on the 710.

Kai Gunter

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