[aprssig] D710A APRS status text details

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Thu Oct 29 12:18:36 EDT 2009

[Sorry if this is a repeat.]

The Kenwood manual is annoyingly lacking in detail about the status text setup, so I'm asking here.

I really like the "magic" entry in status text 5 that transmits the frequency of the "other side" as
part of the status text. Some experimentation leads me to believe that

- the frequency text is always there in status 5
- it's possible to add text after the frequency
- the PL/offset information is never there
- it's not possible to get the frequency information into any of the other status messages

The last two are, well, annoying. If I'm tuned to a repeater, someone who hears my voice alert won't
be able to QSY automatically to reach me via the repeater. If I am traveling and using the scanner,
I can transmit the current frequency but can't also quickly change between existing status texts. (I
regularly make a trip between Palo Alto and the Sierra foothills and scan through various repeaters
- I'd like to pre-program a status text that indicates where I'm headed, but still shows what
repeater I'm listening to at the moment.)

This strikes me as yet another Kenwood feature that is a good start but not finished. It would be
much more useful if the frequency display was driven by a special character sequence that could be
placed in *any* status text string... is there some way to do this? Perhaps in a future release, if
anyone has Kenwood's ear...

73 de chris K6DBG

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