[aprssig] External GPS antenna suggestions for Nuvi 350

Derek Koonce derek at dkoonce.com
Sun Oct 25 00:57:30 EDT 2009

Found one on eBay for about $4.00 including shipping.

Derek Koonce

Jordan Hayes KG6UAE wrote:
> Now that we've all agreed that Scott's cable and the Nuvi 350 is a 
> great combo for us Kenwood users, does anyone have any opinions about 
> external antennae for the 350?  I want to mount the display below dash 
> level, and that means not being able to get much use out of the 
> fold-out antenna. It has a jack (though I don't know what flavor), so 
> all I think I'm looking for is something that has ~3' of cable and can 
> just get velcro'd to the dash or something.
> Thanks,
> /jordan KG6UAE

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