[aprssig] Nuvi 350 full?

Armour, Randy (ITS) Randy.Armour at nashville.gov
Sat Oct 24 01:42:44 EDT 2009

Having nearby APRS stations sorted by distance is a great thing.  It
keeps stations that are closer and therefore probably of more interest
on the top page of waypoints.  The problem is that it is impossible to
know if that station that shows to be .5 miles from your current
location was there within the last minute, or the last week.  

Having the belief that old position information is of little value,
regardless of distance, I typically delete all waypoints each time the
Nuvi is powered on and the menus to reach the "favorites" list are
navigated.  As the favorites list is re-populated, you know the
information is current.

If you use the Nuvi for general purpose navigation, as well as APRS,
deleting all the waypoints also destroys your "home" setting and any
other point of interest you may have marked.  There is an active
discussion on the tracker2 Yahoo group to somewhat work around the
problem with deleting everything. The thread subject is "Favorites in
the Nuvi 350 Issue" 

Randy - KI4LMR

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One thing I love about the NUVI (with the Argent cable) is that
it sorts all the nearby APRS stations by distance!

Question.  How do I selectively DELETE the 500 mile away
stations that I am no longer interested in.  My NUVI is saying
it is full and I don't see how to selectively delete...

Deleting them one at a time always takes you back to the start
of the list which would take forever.  Also, you cannot scroll
backwards from the closest to the fartherest.  You have to start
at the beginning and step through 500 waypoints to get to the

Of course, ther emust be an easier way, and I just have not
taken the time to find it?


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