[aprssig] Nuvi 350 full?

Earl Needham earl.kd5xb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 22:11:30 EDT 2009

Sure hope you find a way -- I'm thinking of buying one but won't if there isn't a better way. 

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One thing I love about the NUVI (with the Argent cable) is that
it sorts all the nearby APRS stations by distance!

Question.  How do I selectively DELETE the 500 mile away
stations that I am no longer interested in.  My NUVI is saying
it is full and I don't see how to selectively delete...

Deleting them one at a time always takes you back to the start
of the list which would take forever.  Also, you cannot scroll
backwards from the closest to the fartherest.  You have to start
at the beginning and step through 500 waypoints to get to the

Of course, ther emust be an easier way, and I just have not
taken the time to find it?


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