[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Wed Oct 21 09:14:02 EDT 2009

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> From: Mr Jeffrey L Ross
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???
> hi all thanks for the feedback, yes the garmin handheld 
> (backpacking) gps did not take the rain nor did it take the 
> heat on my handle bars of my motorcycle here in michigan last 
> summer. died.
> so the heat killed it and so did the rain, will never buy 
> another. (they even claimd it was water proff)

Are you *Sure* it was heat/rain, and not continuous vibration from the

I've used an eTrex (Yellow) tied to my old 500cc single 'cycle (an old
Armstrong MT500) earlier this year.  It didn't like the vibrations at
all, as it kept shutting down, and then needing to do a full
reacqusition of all the sat's.  My guess is that the batteries were
moving about and breaking connection.

Once back in it's "normal" use, it works just fine.

I still don't know how accurate (or not) the bike's speedo is!


Dave G0WBX.

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