[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

Arno Verhoeven (PE1ICQ) pe1icq at sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl
Wed Oct 21 04:31:16 EDT 2009

Mr Jeffrey L Ross wrote the following on 2009-10-20 11:35 PM:
> hi all thanks for the feedback, yes the garmin handheld (backpacking) gps 
> did not take the rain nor did it take the heat on my handle bars of my 
> motorcycle here in michigan last summer. died.
> so the heat killed it and so did the rain, will never buy another. (they 
> even claimd it was water proff)

What kind of "waterproof" did Garmin specify?  IP54, IP65, IP68?
It could be you used it out of spec.
Just standing or walking in the ran with the device exposed, is not the 
same as driving at high speed while the device is exposed.
It might be that mounted on handle bars of your motorcycle while driving 
at high speed, is equal to is equal to spraying it high pressure water jets.

73, PE1ICQ  Arno Verhoeven

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