[aprssig] Whuich GPS for APRS ???

Gerald Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Oct 20 17:17:32 EDT 2009

I'm coming in late on this, so I will likely step on toes.

A couple of random thoughts, though.

1.  Garmin seems to remain, in my estimate, the best bang for the 
consumer buck in GPS.
2.  Consumer grade mobile GPS's are not designed to be used in the rain. 
  That said, my Forerunner 101 is great in the rain and muck.  Oh, yeah. 
It supports a 2.5mm stereo connection for serial I/O.
3.  My Garmin GPS55AVD, an ancient, first generation or so consumer 
aviation GPS receiver, was nitrogen-pressurized, good to about 12m, and 
didn't fog the screen.  They have higher expectations for protecting 
equipment from most car drivers than they do for most pilots, apparently.

Otherwise, Keith's info still sounds good to me.  I guess I don't 
understand what the problem is with Garmin?  Oh, yeah, and the Nuvi 350 
I use with Xastir just plugs in and plays...

If I'm looking for serious GPS receivers, I look at Trimble, Ashtech, 
Novatel and Javad.  Of course, those shouldn't be used, generally, for 
APRS unless you've got money to burn.  They're survey-grade, dual (and 
often more) frequency receivers.


Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Jeffrey KC8GKF wrote...
>> say no to garmin
> Have you had a bad experience with a Garmin GPS? I've had several
> over the years and was happy with all of them. I'm sure everyone has
> a preference, but if it does everything else you want it to do, and
> outputs NMEA at 4800 bps, it will be useable for APRS. The exceptions
> are the Nuvi 350 which can be used the appropriate cable with the
> Tracker 2 series from Argent Data, and any of the Nuvi series (or is it
> any Garmin GPS that can output Garmin mode?) with a GTrans cable also
> from Argent Data. That cable translates from Garmin to NMEA format.
>> what gps has a tiny phono plug for gps? never seen one, have aea cable
>> but where do i plug in? hi
> I don't really understand the question. I don't know if you are looking
> for one with a phono plug on it or if you are complaining about one that
> does. I've never seen one with "RCA phone plugs" on it, but I have seen
> non-weather-proof ones that used 1/8" mini plus for audio out.
>> so i am looking for a gps /rainproff  (remember my tests?)  failed
>> screen fogged up for weeks, not readable).,heatprofe, and can drop it
>> and it wont break so i can do some streetleval tracking or do i got to
>> go buy the good/expensive stuff that really does tracking? i hope i
>> can build a system. /cheap and good maps to work.
> Sorry, I don't remember reading of your tests. Were they posted on this
> SIG, or uploaded somewhere that's accessible?
> Which unit(s) did you try that had the fogged up screens? Were they
> supposed to be weather-proof? I've never had one that was supposed to be
> weather-proof do that. I've used them in snow and rain with no problems.
> It sounds like you are looking for a weather-proof GPS receiver with
> mapping capabilities that can output NMEA and with a budget price. When
> you spend more, you often get a larger more readable screen, more
> storage for maps and waypoints, and sometimes a better interface and so
> on. Dropping any of them onto rocks isn't recommended. I haven't babied
> any of my GPS receivers, but none have failed. They have also not been
> dropped onto rocks, so I can't say if any that I have used are any
> tougher than any other receiver.
> As well as a good screen that has a decent backlight for night use, it's
> nice if it's readable in bright sunlight. Transreflective screens are
> good for that. Good battery life would also be a desirable feature. I
> could list a bunch of Garmin GPS receivers that would probably meet your
> needs, but it sounds like you have a preference for another
> manufacturer.
>> i love leaving bread crumps. hi
> If you use bread, the birdies will be able to follow you. If you use a
> GPS receiver that creates track logs, you can follow it back home! If
> it's connected to an APRS device, others will be able to see where you
> are. If you don't have the rest of the hardware, you could take a look
> at www.byonics.com or www.argentdata.com, and I'm sure there
> will be some other suggestions from people on the list.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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> "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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