[aprssig] GPS tracking how to get Lat/Lon's

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Oct 19 12:57:39 EDT 2009

Earl Needham wrote:
> Most, if not all of APRS is done via Amateur Radio. However, there are some commercial systems that do what you want and the few that I have seen are in police cars. You might check with some of the police departments in your area to see if they could give you a lead that way. 

Certainly not all.  They may not be calling it APRS (see my last post) 
but there are a number of commercial (and at least one or two government 
or quasi-government) entities using APRS-compatible protocols.

Please understand that I mean no disrespect to Bob or anyone else, and 
I'm not trying to lessen Bob's accomplishments in any way.  None of us 
would be here discussing this if it wasn't for his efforts.  But 
perpetuating myths or simple misunderstandings about the legal status of 
APRS isn't doing anyone any favors.  People get some weird ideas about 
intellectual property laws that just don't match up with reality.

And immediately demanding a callsign from anyone who posts here isn't 
exactly welcoming behavior.  If there's some policy that the TAPR APRS 
SIG is for discussion of ham-related APRS use only, then that policy 
needs to be clearly stated.


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