[aprssig] TO-CALL for aprx software ?

Matti Aarnio oh2mqk at sral.fi
Thu Oct 15 13:09:34 EDT 2009

Hello BoB, et.al.

  I have been working on extended version of my quite successful
Rx-IGate software.

With "Extended" I mean following:
  - Can do Rx-IGate
  - Can do Tx-IGate
  - Can do bi-directional IGate
  - Can do digipeater
  - Can do any combination of them
  - Can handle multiple radios (multiple frequencies
    as well as multiple radios on single frequency.)

I am herewith taking up TO-CALL    APRXxx    for this software.
Any objections ?   Could BoB register it?

  "The Aprx igate/digi  http://ham.zmailer.org/oh2mqk/aprx/"

For the curious,  the digipeater with Tx-IGate can be configured
on aprx 2.x  with something like the file at URL:

Only version 1.x is available for general use at the moment.

One should not that it is not embeddable on surplus TNC2 clone.
A TNC2 clone with decent SMACK rom would be usable with this,
but it is not enough alone, however modern PC is smaller than
either radio or TNC -- following wiki text is in local encryption,
but you can understand the pictures:


And following is what area it is able to serve:


Distance circles are in 10 km steps, and it does include data points
on the Gulf of Finland, as a few boats have APRS location beacons too.

Same system got 70cm radio on weekend, and there service area is about
15-20 km in radius.  Experimenting continues...

  73 de Matti, OH2MQK

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