[aprssig] APRS weather symbol changes

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Oct 14 18:49:56 EDT 2009

The proposal to move some weather symbol codes is still on the
table.  The motivation is that it will free up hundreds of
symbol codes.  This was last discussed about 18 April 2008.
With Yaesu and Kenwood and others writing new code, we need to
nail this down.

I need to get input from anyone that is automatically generating
Weather symbols and or anyone that is heavy into skywarn and
that is dependent on these symbols to make sure we do this
transition with minimal impact.

As planned, the old and new symbol will be supported where
possible.  But we need to make sure all software from now on
will begin to recognize the new symbols.  This will give us
hundreds of new symbol codes for a variety of purposes all
across APRS.

Here are the symbols that will have new definitions...

"HE" (an H overlay) would mean Haze
"SE" (an S overlay) would mean Smoke
"BE" (a  B overlay) would mean Blowing Snow
"DE" (a  D overlay) would mean blowing Dust or sand
"FE" (an F overlay) would mean Fog
"R`" (an R overlay) would mean Rain
"F`" (an F overlay) would mean Freezing Rain
"H`" (an H overlay) would mean Hail
"D`" (an D overlay) would mean Drizzle
"E`" (an E overlay) would mean slEEt
"S`" (an S overlay) would mean Snow
"RI" (an R overlay) would mean Rain Shower
"SI" (an S overlay) would mean Snow shower
"LI" (an L overlay) would mean Lightening
"P(" with P overlay would mean partly cloudy
"W(" with W overlay would be a wall cloud
"F(" would be Funnel cloud

For example, Uiview is hard coded, and will never be updated,
though Roger did provide provision for all symbols to have
overlays.  So all of the above new symbols will display
uniquely, but not as the actual symbol...

I do not see many WX symbols used at all...  Or am I not looking
in the right places...


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