[aprssig] Lotsa ears, big mouth concept.

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 14:45:42 EDT 2009

>> 1)have one high centrally located digi.  Output on 144.39 (or your
>> local aprs frequency). This site has a 70cm transceiver for getting
>> data from the yet to be described receiver sites.

> Just my thoughts. Perhaps someone else can see some benefit from this.

This sounds like a good idea for the alt-channels off of 144.39.  Put
up a super duper high node that hears lots and talks little.  Add a
few fill-ins as needed.  Put an Igate and a backup on the channel..

This prevents the exponential degradation caused by hidden
transmitters and multiple digis.    I've been running recently with a
one-hop path on an 9600 alt net and I'm seeing what appears to be a
significantly greater number of packets showing up on the APRS-IS
archives (..findu raw packets)

Bill - WA7NWP

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