[aprssig] Lotsa ears, big mouth concept.

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Oct 12 14:33:29 EDT 2009

>> Just to throw something playful / 
>> constructive out there.  I had an
>> idea a few weeks ago about how to 
>> have a digipeater "network" that 
>> has many receivers and one transmitter. 

It has advantages and disadvantages.

I think the most practical way forward (every ham will have a radio with APRS in it)... is to continue with the present plan... that is, 

1) more digis that are lower and cover smaller areas.
2) Further cutback to only 1 hop in most congested areas
3) assuring that each digi footprint has a permanent IGate
4) Insuring each such igate is TWO WAY, 1 hop and coordinated
5) Make more use of 9600 baud as an alternate input
6) Making more use of 144.99 alternate INPUT if available.
7) Promote the item-in-message proposal

Combining all of the above makes the cells smaller so we can handle more traffic (both ways) without congestion.

The last item allows you to querry someone out of your area and get his position if you do not have internet access in your mobile.

Just my thoughts.


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