[aprssig] DX-cluster Messaging? (CC-cluster)

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Wed Oct 7 02:31:15 EDT 2009

On Tue, 6 Oct 2009, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> Ron,
>> Lee, VE7CC, who is the author of CC-Cluster,
>> has a solution to the talk message issue,
>> and so within the network of CC-Clusters it
>> now does work reliably.  But this would need
>> to be extended to the entire network which is
>> a mix of CC-Cluster, AR-Cluster, DXSpider and
>> perhaps a few more cluster systems.
> I just saw Hesu's name associated with some kind of DX cluster
> code.  Is he the author of one of these?

No, I'm the author of Clusse, which was fairly popular over 10 years ago, 
but it only ran on DOS and the Linux/C port was never really finished. I 
haven't been following the DX cluster scene since over 10 years.

> There are two approaches here:
> 1) As you say, the originator on CC has to set a flag for it to
> go to APRS.
> 2) CC could watch any message to callsignXXXX and if
> callsignXXXX exists in APRS, then send the message on the
> APRS-IS...
> Eventually, I prefer #2, sin ethe goal is anywhwere, anytime,
> using any device, getting a message to any station by callsign
> alone...

#2 won't work, since messages on the DX cluster are (or at least were, 10 
years ago :) routed to the user which is logged in on the cluster, and 
shown in the users list. 10 years ago the user lists were very often 
filtered out, because they took  a lot of capacity.

   - Hessu

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