[aprssig] DX-cluster Messaging? (CC-cluster)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Oct 6 18:47:43 EDT 2009

> Lee, VE7CC, who is the author of CC-Cluster, 
> has a solution to the talk message issue, 
> and so within the network of CC-Clusters it 
> now does work reliably.  But this would need 
> to be extended to the entire network which is 
> a mix of CC-Cluster, AR-Cluster, DXSpider and 
> perhaps a few more cluster systems.  

I just saw Hesu's name associated with some kind of DX cluster
code.  Is he the author of one of these?

> It would be nice if it worked, people might 
> return to using it.  It could happen.
> Lee, VE7CC, said he could add code to his CC-
> Cluster software to deliver individually directed 
> talk messages to the APRS network...


> ... I suspect only a tiny fraction of such messages 
> would actually be directed to someone who would 
> actually be in a position to receive them.  

Ah, such is the state of Ham radio.  It's the same in APRS, with
40,000 users, maybe only 00.1% actually send a message...  But
it's a capability, and it has value when needed, so I say we
should make the capability there to crossconnect as many
directed-text messaging systems as we can.

> An alternative would be to have a special Talk 
> command specifically for sending these to the 
> APRS network.  Then the originator would be 
> responsible for directing them so, and we would 
> have to rely upon the originator knowing 
> that it was likely that the recipient could receive 
> such a talk message.  This approach would keep 99%+ 
> of  useless talk messages off the APRS network.

There are two approaches here:
1) As you say, the originator on CC has to set a flag for it to
go to APRS.
2) CC could watch any message to callsignXXXX and if
callsignXXXX exists in APRS, then send the message on the

Eventually, I prefer #2, sin ethe goal is anywhwere, anytime,
using any device, getting a message to any station by callsign

Please pass this on to VE7CC and I have copied Hessu on this
email to see his comments...

The opposite direction is equally important.  If CC-cluster
could watch the APRS-IS for messages and if it sees any that are
directed to any of its CC-cluster users that are currently
logged in, it forwards the message to him...  I can see that
valuable for th eguy who gets home, turns off his APRS rig and
goes inside to work some DX and an APRS person sends him an aprs
message.  It should get to him on this Cccluser console..

> Ron, N5IN

Bob, Wb4APR

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