[aprssig] Question about using aprs during ILQP rover and portable operations

Clay Melhorn n9io at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 5 23:36:09 EDT 2009

I was reading the mail from the email reflector of the Society of Midwest Contesters that I am member too.

The writer says to look for his callsign on aprs for info on his local club's tri-county operation during the Illinois QSO Party. This would be a field day style operation to activate three counties from the same station.


There are also many mobile rovers out there moving from one county to another at varying intervals.


My question:  Is there any reason these operations could not ID the operation with

callsign-IL  ??


These operations are more likely to not have access to the DX Cluster in the field but could make "great" use of aprs to ILQP participants looking from home stations using aprs.fi on-line.  Sure could be a good way to make my DXer/Contester friends more aware of APRS with this new use.


What say, do I make the suggestion to the group?

It will also be  seen by folks running the ILQP.


Clay Melhorn N9IO Bonfield, IL
KARS - Kankakee Area Radio Society - W9AZ http://www.w9az.com/
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