[aprssig] APRS<==>Winlink Universal Messaging

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 4 10:36:44 EDT 2009

APRS messaging with Winlink WORKS!

Make sure your local emergency communications teams know how to
use their APRS radios for remote access to their Winlink
accounts. Here is an excerpt on the topic from our APRS report
for our SET:

... In addition, the Universal Messaging between APRS and
Winlink was exercised by sending one-line APRS messages to
Winlink accounts using the SMS ADDRESS APRS message format...
The reverse direction was also tested, that is, receiving
Winlink message alerts on the APRS radio each time new Winlink
traffic was received in the Winlink account.  But the exercise
was completed before this capability was verified.

http://www.winlink.org/aprslink (the APRSlink page)
www.aprs.org/aprs-messaging.html (Universal Text Messaging page)

The above are one-line messages.  Of course you can send and
receive multi-line and longer messages using the full APRSLink
capabilities which allows you to send BBNS type commands from
your APRS mobile radio front panel and keypad for reading your
email or Winlink traffic.


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