[aprssig] TM-D700 gps connector mod

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Thu Oct 1 13:05:52 EDT 2009

Dave Baxter wrote:
> Con:	Pin's 1 & 9, Hmmmmm.   Hope nothing clashes when a PC is
> connected with a 9 way straight cable, and something bangs heads, if
> that would happen?   Kenwood's serial drivers have not exactly been
> proved particularly rugged in the past.   Please mark up the back of

As explained in the document, those are the DCD and RI signals, both are 
"received" signals from the view of the PC. RS-232 spec requires that 
all pins tolerate an indefinite shortcircuit up to +/- 25 volts. 
Unfortunately designers sometimes take shortcuts in their designs. So 
you still get to keep all the pieces if the magic blue smoke is let out.


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