[aprssig] D710 and the local info initiative

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Oct 1 06:33:14 EDT 2009

>;434.775-B*111111z6044.06N/02612.79Er1750 R50k -1.6 MHz  OH2RAY  Artjarvi

>I think 1750 instead of T123 or TOFF is at least wrong. The most
>important step for us would be to get the shift right, as more
>and more 70 cm repeaters are changing the offset from the old
>-1.6 MHz to -2.0 MHz because of interference from ISM equipment
>on the old input band.

We are using this format from a local digipeater:

;LA7BR *111111z6023.06N/00514.98Er434.700MHz T097 -2000kHz

-2MHz do not work on the TM-D710 but -2000kHz do.

And we can use 1750 but as this repeater is also responding to tone i think it's more informative this way.
1750 is more or less a standard requirement for a repeater in Norway and a bit waste to put this in the "qsy" beacon.

Now we can press TUNE and just press PTT and the repeater is responding to the 97.4Hz tone.

73 de Kai Gunter

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