Glenn Taylor ve9gj at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Nov 22 17:57:28 EST 2009

There is a good chance that your linux distribution already has the driver.
What distribution are you using?

Open a terminal window and do a:

plug in your GXMU-1200 and do it again:
The new line is your GXMU-1200.

You can also now do a:
tail /var/log/messages
You should see if the kernel found your GXMU-1200.

You can also do a:
ls -ltr /dev

If you have a driver you should see a file ttyUSB0 ( or a higher #) with 
a timestamp of when you plugged in your GXMU-1200.

Any trouble just post the output of the above commands.

Glenn VE9GJ

John wrote:
> Hi All
> I am delving into the world of LINUX.
> I have a GOLD GXMU-1200 USB to Serial converter.
> This converter worked great with Windows.
> I would like to use it with my UBUNTU LINUX distro for APRS. 
> Yes I know that I need a LINUX driver for this device.
> My problem is that I cannot find one.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.  

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