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G0JXN Jim g0jxn.jim at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 13 09:11:25 EST 2009

Hi Guys

Dave, yes I made a mistake. I have fixed the web page, thank you for pointing out my mistake even if you did go round the houses to do it.

However I think your maths are a bit suspect:-

Carrier Frequency     14,103,000 Hz
Highest Tone                    1,800 Hz  Subtracting
Sideband Frequency 14,101,200 Hz

The lowest edge of the sideband is therefore 200Hz above the beacon segment not 1.2KHz as you suggest. In reality with a bit of splash it will be about 150Hz above.

With regards to the choice of frequency this was beaten to death in these pages some time ago and I do not intend to visit the subject again. Net14 is not a packet network, it is not even an APRS net in the strict sense of the term since the primary aim is messaging and not tracking. It is just that APRS sortware is employed. We are a the prescribed segment for digimodes and do not need any special agreement on the frequency with anyone except the members of the net.

As for the chaos of the contest weekends, is any frequency sacrosanct?


Jim, G0JXN
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