[aprssig] Digest Readers Lament

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 04:09:54 EST 2009

As also a Daily Digest user, and also a user of several Yahoo based

I have to say, I much prefer the mail lists, to the Yahoo system.  That
has way too many problems with the handling of messages, as well as
often mangling the content of the message, loosing messages etc.

About the only "advantage" (if you call it that) is that it does group
things in threads, sort of.

It's no great problem not having that in a mail digest, as in the
mailer, you can see all the subject headings in the digest list of
attachments that the mailer shows you, it only takes a fraction of a
second to scan that list, and pick the ones that interest you, involved
with or whatever.

The list is also plain text based, not HTML based (with all the
opportunities for malicious linking that can have,) so don't condemn
mail lists just yet.

I've yet to have any spam sent to me, at any of the identities I use for
my mailman lists.  However, the steady stream addressed to ID's I use on
the Yahoo network, I think speaks volumes.

My vote, FWIW, stay with the Mailman lists.


Dave G0WBX.
PS:	The only List Lament I have, is that you are often not exactly
current with what's being discussed, especialy after a couple of days

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> From: Ralph Milnes
> Sent: 05 November 2009 19:55
> To: aprssig at tapr.org
> Subject: [aprssig] Digest Readers Lament
> I'm a daily digest reader of the APRSSIG.
> Yahoo and Google lists to which I subscribe give a daily 
> digest with all the submissions for a particular thread 
> listed together, for example 4a, 4b, 4c, etc in order, all 
> relating to 4a.
> With this list, in the digest messages are listed by time of 
> arrival not subject and it makes it hard to follow a thread 
> -- or skip over one that doesn't interest you much.
> Can that be fixed?
> If not, should we migrate to Yahoo?
> Ralph KC2RLM

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