[aprssig] IGATES in south east qld Australia

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Nov 5 15:22:34 EST 2009

I recently fitted the car with APRS.

I am hearing some INET to RF traffic on 145.175 MHz

I am hearing almost constant INET to RF traffic on 439.100 MHz

What I find weird is, most people seem to be running dumb trackers, ie they can't even RX the packets.

My question is, who or what is the INET to RF supposed to support then ?

I am not sure everyone is doing both way gating as well, I tried a few INET to RF messages.

Surely you would favour the mobiles.

It makes it really hard to impossible for mobiles to get out.

Can you please look at this situation.

Andrew VK4TEC
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