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Thanks Ben.  It's good to know that the "on topic police" are out there, ever vigilant - to the point of using their mobile devices - protecting all of our best interests.  

I have never seen a homeowners association or politician so dutiful.  They could take lessons from you.    

On a serious note - it seems to be on-topic to me, and I find myself learning from such discussions.  If you don't like it, there is a little key marked DEL on your keyboard.  If you highlight the message and hit that button, it will make the message go away.  Please, use it.  

Sorry if my sarcasm is too much here, but I get tired of people policing mail lists.  Yes, sometimes things get way too far off topic, but I'd rather allow more leeway and encourage others to use their own delete keys.  If it gets too bad, then let the OFFICIAL list owner do something about it.  

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Not trying to be rude Andrew, but you've asked programming related questions here in the past and have been met with silence. 

Wouldn't it make sense to ask these to a discussion list where these questions are on topic?

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Andrew Rich wrote:


Trying to work out a date diff function for APRS sats

The time diff is showing as getting "smaller" not bigger even though my times are getting further apart

select timediff('2009-11-08 08:20:39','2009-11-07 19:04:22')

ISS Last Heard

select timediff('2009-11-08 08:20:39','2009-11-07 19:06:10')

ISS Last Heard

Even when I reverse the times I get the same result, just negative

I would have expected it to increase as the difference gets bigger between the two dates

"LAST HEARD HH:MM:SS" is my goal

Andrew VK4TEC


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