[aprssig] MySQL date

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sun Nov 8 14:08:58 EST 2009


Trying to work out a date diff function for APRS sats

The time diff is showing as getting "smaller" not bigger even though my times are getting further apart

select timediff('2009-11-08 08:20:39','2009-11-07 19:04:22')

ISS Last Heard

select timediff('2009-11-08 08:20:39','2009-11-07 19:06:10')

ISS Last Heard

Even when I reverse the times I get the same result, just negative

I would have expected it to increase as the difference gets bigger between the two dates

"LAST HEARD HH:MM:SS" is my goal

Andrew VK4TEC
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