[aprssig] Canadian APRS operation with a US license

Michael Hordijk hoffbrinkle at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:24:42 EST 2009

Fairly basic question.  I'm a US operator and US citizen, holding a 
technician class license.  Are there any special rules for operating in 
Canada?  I see lots of things like using a callsign followed by a 
suffix, so N3ZGI/VE3 if I'm operating in Ontario (near as I can figure).

Do these identification requirements apply to APRS operation?  Is it 
even possible with the current packet format?  Do I need a separate way 
to identify my station (say a periodic CW broadcast)?  I think that 
pretty much covers my questions.  What would be required to legally 
operate in Canada?

- michael

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