[aprssig] UIDIGI Setup

Ed L Locklear kf4chg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 19:41:59 EST 2009


I did use your website for guidance and followed the settings for the
exception of the Beacon2 and Beacon3.  I wanted to use these for local
info for the local repeater and echolink with "LOCAL" set in
Beacon2Path and Beacon3Path.  I wanted to avoid using UI-View32
objects at all cost.  According to Bob, WB4APR it is not recommended
to use software driven programs for creating info type objects and to
let the digipeaters handle this function.

However, I can reprogram to conform to APRS Paradigm recommendations
and drop the Echolink object (sigh).

You mentioned that you had modified the original UIDIGI.BIN file,
could you provide the HEX location?  I have the means to modify BIN
files.  Also, I use the UIDGCFG32.EXE to configure the BIN files
before burning with Prog-Express from Batronix.


On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Tim Cunningham
<tim_cunningham at charter.net> wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> You can refer to the following website to conform the APRS Paradigm changes:
> http://qsl.net/n8deu/uidigi_eprom_settings.htm
> Beacon1 and Beacon2 should contain the same information. The paths for these
> 2 beacons are shown below to conform to Paradigm changes. Beacon1Path is
> blank so the 1st beacon is local and Beacon2Path goes 1 hop with WIDE2-1 so
> only WIDE digi's will respond. The Beacon3Path is set to LOCAL so no
> digipeaters respond to it. Yes, you might think it should be blank and it
> should, but there is a reason I do not show it as blank on my website. The
> reason is the UIDIGI.BIN file supplied by the author has an entry in it
> already and the UIDGCFG executable does nothing to the BIN file if the
> CONFIG file has a blank entry, so you need to program something to override
> what is in it. Otherwise, you must know how to modify the BIN file directly
> to clear the entry that is already there. So, the instructions on the web
> site purposely state LOCAL to avoid what the UIDGCFG.EXE does not address
> when there is a blank entry for this specific parameter. I have a UIDIGI.BIN
> file that has a proper blank entry for this parameter, but it is not posted
> in order to reduce further confusing anybody. I figured if somebody knew
> what they were doing they could resolve the issue themselves.
> Beacon1Interval        =       600
> Beacon2Interval        =       1790
> Beacon3Interval        =       601
> Beacon1Text            =       !3444.13NS08643.65W#PHG5670/W2,ALn    Rainbow
> Mt AL 1150ft
> Beacon2Text            =       !3444.13NS08643.65W#PHG5670/W2,ALn    Rainbow
> Mt AL 1150ft
> Beacon3Text            =       ;147.24HSV*111111z3429.52N/08637.85WrT088
> R45m Net Th8PM
> Beacon1Path            =
> Beacon2Path            =       WIDE2-1
> Beacon3Path            =       LOCAL
> The Beacon3Text parameter is reserved for supporting the APRS Local Info
> Initiative which you will find a link to on the website.
> We use the AUXPATH for our weather stations using the State routing method
> like AL2-2. If you plan to connect a weather station I would recommend an
> AUXRATE of no more than 444 seconds to send the reports. The weather data is
> dumped from FindU every 15 minutes, so sending data more often does not get
> to the MADIS server.
> The other important settings for the paradigm follows:
> UIDigiCall             =       WIDE7-7, WIDE6-6, WIDE5-5, WIDE4-4, WIDE3-3,
> WIDE3-2
> UIFloodCall            =       AL
> UITraceCall            =       WIDE
> UIFLOODOptions         =       6
> UITRACEOptions          =       2
> 73's,
> Tim - N8DEU
> Decatur, Alabama

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